WIAM- What I Ate Monday!

What I Ate Monday- eats of the day!

The outfit I wish I wore to class. I am loving my new soft leggings, but I’m not quite into the whole leggings-as-pants scene when I’m not working out.



I have been getting back into a small glass of Apple Cider Vinegar with my coffee and water every morning. It makes me feel so great, and it has great health benefits as well.


My meal consisted of 2 eegs, some spaghetti squash and eggplant. Simple and real. JERF!



Lunch was “take out” from the Dining Hall. A salad with chicken, baba ghanoush, an all the vegetables. On the side- full fat cottage cheese, with almond slivers, and a little pineapple/mango combination.



Dinner was also eaten at the Dining Hall. It’s not my favorite, but sometimes it’s the best I can do! It’s hard to get all the way back (1.1 miles) to my apartment just for dinner. I had a Moroccan Vegetable stew, with a salad. It was slim pickings at our dining hall, but I tried my best to make it work. Unfortunately I didn’t get any substantial protein at this meal, which is probably why I was starving when I got back to my apartment 5 hours later.


For my workout I did an upper body session, followed by 40 minutes of steady state on the Elliptical. For some reason my legs were really feeling the workout and I was exhausted from simple steady state!

IMG_4797Late Night Snack ;).

I was so hungry when I got back to my apartment, I stole a few spoonfuls of this delicious coconut butter, along with some frozen berries. Not too bad for late night snacking!IMG_4782

How do you deal with Dining Hall (or work cafeteria?) selections?



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