Coconut Butter (or the new topping to everything I eat)

Well, y’all- I made it! Spring Break has finally arrived. The past week was midterms, which is always a busy & challenging time. But the reward- a week off, and maximum relaxation! This morning I’m off to Savannah, GA to enjoy a week of beach and exploration with my friends- I’ll be sure to update you all on how it is!

Here is some fun from the past week: captions included.


^^Smoothie bowl and muesli topping.^^


^^All wrapped up for the unexpected cold this week.^^

IMG_4434 IMG_4435

^^HAVE YOU HAD NIKKI’S COCONUT BUTTER? You must try this. It’s better than you could imagine!^^


^^An unconventional breakfast. Pumpkin puree, protein powder, coconut butter, and muesli. This tasted like pumpkin cake and I will DEFINITELY be recreating it in the near near near future!^^


^^Oldie but good one. Oats, banana, and granola.^^


^^Midterm stress = a lot of HIIT and circuit workouts this week. I love getting a sweat session in to combat stress and refresh my mind for more studying^^

IMG_4470 IMG_4448IMG_4447IMG_4454 IMG_4461

^^Uh…. I guess you could say I like salads? Any way, form, version. I’m a sucker for salads.^^


^^Finally off. Enjoying the weekend. Packing for Savannah.^^

Are you doing something fun this weekend?

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