Valentine’s Day + My Best Friend

Friday, Valentine’s Day, started off as normally as usual. I woke up, showered, ate, and got ready for a day of work. Sort of. Classes at Furman were actually cancelled through 1 pm on Friday and my last class is usually at 12:30. I still had to go into the lab in the morning. I usually go on Friday afternoons, but I figured I might as well get it done earlier, and free up my Valentine’s afternoon!


After lab, I had a quick Dining Hall lunch with my roommate. We chatted and laughed before she headed off to see her boy for the weekend. I am the only 1 out of my 4 roommates who is dating a boy at our school, so everyone was gone this weekend.


I did some email catch up, then headed over to the gym for a workout. I did 10 minutes on the Elliptical and 40 minutes on the Arc trainer. Simple and quick.

Then it was time to shower, change, and get ready for the big Valentine’s date.


^^white, not exactly a Valentine’s color, but it felt perfect for the evening.^^




NMK and I went to went to the Velo Fellow, a pub-esque restaurant. We were surprisingly seated right away, without a reservation! We ordered a brie appetizer, and I followed that up with Pecan-Encrusted Tilapia. It was amazing. The boy chose the “Eastern Delight” which was a tomato-curry with chicken and rice. Delicious!

After dinner, we walked around downtown Greenville for a while, just chatting and enjoying the evening. It was the perfect date.


The fun continued back in my apartment with our first {annual?} Valentine’s bake off. NMK and I both baked a dessert {in secret!} and then tasted them together! We wrote down our votes on index cards and then counted the ballots. It was….. a tie! We each voted for the other person. Too cute , at least we know we’re not selfish!


^^For fun, some pictures throughout the past 2 years. We’ve been on a lot of adventures together!^^

Hope y’all had a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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