Salads and smoothies.

Monday started off bright and early. Except, not quite as early as I had planned.. I slept in 30 minutes later than I normally do, but I was still able to get ready on time.

I had set my breakfast up the night before, so I literally just plugged in the blender and breakfast was ready to go in 1 minute. A banana-berry smoothie! Topped with gluten free flakes and pistachios for some added staying power.


Classes all morning, boring. Then a chat with the boy, followed by lunch in the Dining Hall.


^^Jumbo salads never fail me. My goal for the week is no chips//granola– it’s not 100% gluten free and I don’t want to be affected by it. It’s so temptingly yummy though…^^

Lab for the afternoon.

Then, a workout. I was still feeling pretty sore from Saturday, so I did some Arc Trainer cardio, before lifting some weights and doing some arm strength training.




After the 1 mile walk back to my apartment, I headed back out to get the boy for some dinner. Just another dining hall salad..

The rest of the night was spent studying on my couch, while The Bachelor drama toiled away in the background. It was all about Claire this week! Snacks- Dark Chocolate Dreams pb {yes I’m addicted} and popcorn. Then more studying before it was off to bed!

Questions of the morning:

What do/did you eat at your Dining Hall?

Do/did you find it easy to be healthy at college?


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