Vegetables and too many classes.

Thursday morning started off early, with breakfast and reading before my 8:30 lab. One of my classes this semester is a Health Sciences independent study, so I need to spend ~12 hours in the lab a week to count as my “class time”. It’s definitely a lot, but I love my HSC research, so I don’t mind the time requirement.

For breakfast, I decided to eat some whole, healthy foods. Sweet potato, and spaghetti squash. Both were already cooked, so I only had to heat them up. Convenient and delicious. I added some hummus and carrots for a satisfying and vegetable-filled breakfast.



^all bundled up for the lab. Well, plus the jacket, gloves, and ear muffs… it’s cold out there y’all!^

My hours in the lab were spent filming and compiling a video. We filmed the layout of the lab, and different tests that were being conducted. It was a bit tedious, but it will be exciting when we get our finished project on the lab website!


^One test in progress- a VO2 max test, which basically measures oxygen/air usage.^

Right after lab, I headed into the gym {conveniently right next to our lab} and took a BodyFit class. It was a weight training class, and this time we focused on arms + abs, with a few lunges mixed in. I have been meaning to incorporate more strength training in my schedule, but it has been hard with all the half marathon training. The class felt great, and I am definitely feeling it in my arms, my core, and my backside today!

After that, I had lunch with a friend. I was starving by this point..oops. Pointer- don’t do a 12:30 class when you haven’t eaten since 8 am. My bad. I’ll have to bring a snack next time!

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing homework. First on campus, and then in my apartment. My wonderful boyfriend actually came and picked my up so I didn’t have to walk the 1 mile back in the cold. I love to walk, but I hate to be in the cold.

After working on Spanish and Physics for a few hours, I headed back to the gym. My schedule was to run 4.5 miles today, but because of the workout class I had already done, and my legs feeling more tired than usual, I only ran 2 miles. 17:51 minutes. Faster than I normally run- I was proud of myself!


Following the run, I went to a yoga class that I had promised to attend. My boy was going, and one of his fraternity brothers was teaching the class. It felt great, but it was definitely a little more difficult than I thought I would be. I expected stretches and mediation, but it was a little heavier on warrior poses {hello quads!}, chaturungas {basically a pushup}, and strength moves. Hence– why I am a little sore today….



Yoga was immediately followed by dinner with my boy, and his little + big. It was so fun. Also– big news y’all! I had chicken. I’ve mentioned a little bit before about how I have begun to eat some fish since becoming gluten free. Well, over winter break I had chicken in a salad. It wasn’t really a conscious decision- I just ordered the salad and forgot to get the chicken taken off. Well, last night I had some grilled chicken, and it wasn’t half bad! I guess my conversion is becoming more and more real.  Sweet potato fries on the side. Classic + delicious.

I had Bible Study after dinner, and ended up staying and chatting for ~2 hours with all the wonderful girls. It is so great to have good friends, who love Christ and want to share their journey with Him.

Questions of the day:

Do you like fitness classes?

How do you incorporate strength training into your workout?


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