Hey y’all. I’m almost back in the South, so I’m allowed to say things like “y’all” again ;). The past few days have been complete madness around here! A whirl of emotions, hectic-ness, friends, and family.

Friday morning, I woke up unreasonably early {like pre 6 am!} for no real reason. I guess my body wanted me to be productive? I read a little, talked to my parents, and then got my morning started. Coffee, granola, greek yogurt. Check, check, check. It was the perfect breakfast on a cold rainy morning. I mean- you can never go wrong with coffee.


IMG_3850 IMG_3847

After breakfast, my mom and I headed out to see Saving Mr. Banks. Y’all- go see this! It’s not an action movie at all, but it is a heartwarming, sad, inspiring tale. I was crying more than once but it was more than worth it.

After the movie, we ran some errands, which was great mother-daughter time :). Then we met up with my best friend Krista and grabbed some lunch at a local Mexican restaurant. I had a plate of roasted vegetables and fresh cheese. Simple and scrumptious. We walked and talked some, and then grabbed some frozen yogurt. I had apple pie and cake batter topped with cookie dough bites– love me some dessert!

When we got home, I started packing and then headed out for a quick workout as a break.


^A quick 30 minutes on the Arc trainer. Fast and dirty.^

IMG_3857 IMG_3856 IMG_3855

My room was kind of a mess. My mom hung out with me while I packed, and then we all had some dinner together. Simple salad and hummus. My mom and I were still pretty full from lunch, and my dad had some extra chicken to fill him up.

After dinner, packing continued, fun stuff. A little later, I had a slight panic attack… I was not emotionally/physically/mentally ready to leave home. I’ve gotten to an age where I worry about my parents and my siblings when we’re apart, and it makes me miss them so much more than ever before. So.. 20 minutes later and one impulsive decision- I changed my flight to Sunday, giving me an extra day at home. I immediately felt so much better after changing my flight. It was even cheaper!


^A little snack after the ordeal. I kept packing but felt so so much better and relaxed.^

Question of the day:

What was the last impulsive decision you made?


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