Emergency STOP.

Yesterday morning started with some greek yogurt and granola:


^so good and clean!^



^After I hung out for a while, reading and cleaning, my mom and her baby boy {she nannies for him} came to visit. He was obsessed with our stairs! His house is Ranch-Style, so stairs are a big deal for him. I had fun watching him scamper up them, and trying to teach him the concept of walking down backwards, for safety.^


^After my mom and baby boy left, I threw together a delicious lunch from leftovers. Salmon, rice chips, eggplant, carrots, and hummus on the side. So good. Followed by a square of Godiva Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt.^


My workout on the schedule was 4 miles. I was running strong, and pushing myself more than I normally do when….I hit the emergency stop button! 😥 I absolutely hate when that happens. Totally threw me out of my groove…but I took it as a chance to sip some water and push myself to go faster for the last 1.82 miles.



After the 4 miles, I still had 20 minutes of Pretty Little Liars to watch…. so I figured I should do something productive as an excuse to finish it up ;). I went on the Arc Trainer for 19 minutes while I watched the episode. It was a nice way to cool down.


IMG_3843 IMG_3838

^So so cold in my house! It’s ok– I get to practice layering! And living cheaply after I graduate from college..^IMG_3837


When I got home from the gym, my mom and I threw some dinner together- fish, sweet potatoes, roasted carrots, and some more roasted eggplant. It was delicious.

My mom hit the sack pretty early– babysitting an 11 month old is exhausting! I hung out with my dad and watched TV while working on a craft for my roommates. And ate some more dark chocolate… so so good! It was a great night and made me want to stay home for another month! I love my family.

Question of the day:

What’s your favorite way to hang out with your family?


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