Roasting and Freezing.

Yesterday was freakishly warm and it was awesome! At least it was when the day started. It was 55 when I woke up, but it was 32 by the time we went to bed and 9 degrees— 9 degrees guys– when we woke up this morning. Yesterday was a nice relief from the cold, and it definitely helped us gear up for the below freezing temps we’re experiencing today/expecting the rest of the week.

My mom and I actually left the house before 9 am yesterday to go renew my military ID. Unfortunately, we ran into pouring rain and huge wind gusts, which led to bumper-to-bumper traffic. About 25 minutes into our drive, we turned around and decided to conquer that chore on a less formidable day. Luckily, Trader Joe’s was on our way home, so we picked up a huge haul of veggies, snacks, and frozen foods to get us through this cold week.

After we got home, my mom and I got to work chopping and cooking all the vegetables. My sister leaves today to go back to her Master’s program, so we wanted to make a special dinner for her {and she’s a vegetarian}.


^Chopped up onions for guacamole^


^Rainbow carrots^


^Eggplant– one of my favorite vegetables to roast! Some oregano and olive oil– perfection^


^Asparagus. One of my top 5 veggies as well. We cooked it with some lemon pepper and it is delicious!^


^A new find at Trader Joe’s. These were really yummy and I’m pretty sure they’re gluten free? But as I’m writing this I realized I didn’t actually check that…I’ll get back to you guys ;)^


^After all that cooking, and some crafting, I was more than ready for lunch! I didn’t really have anything specific in mind, so I whipped up a little egg, onion, and quinoa in the pan. Sort of like fried rice minus the soy sauce. I have a big batch of quinoa that I need to eat up before I leave on Saturday, so I’m getting creative with with it!^

After lunch, my mom, my friend Krista, and I headed to the Tanger Outlets mostly to make returns, but also to look around a bit ;). Who could resist?!


^My mom bought this cute new bag. Isn’t it perfect for Florida? {my parents are moving there this summer, for my dad’s job!}^

After we got home from shopping, I headed out to the gym to bust out 7 miles. It was great, best run I’ve had in a while! I still had to push myself, but it wasn’t as difficult as some of my runs were while I was traveling. Probably because I’m better nourished, well-slept, hydrated, etc. than I was when traveling. Felt great! I stopped after 4 miles for a bathroom break… still figuring out what I’m going to do on my race…. woods? I’ve heard port-a-potty lines can be ridiculously long!

IMG_3780 IMG_3781

^7 miles down! Woo!^


^Dinner, yum. I was ready to chow down after that run! Roasted carrots, eggplant, asparagus, and yes- there is some hidden salmon hidden under there. Roasted in the oven as well, and oh so delicious as well!^


After dinner I watched the Bachelor with my mom, and love it already! Juan Pablo is adorable, but the girl drama is my favorite part! 😉

Questions of the day:

Any Bachelor fans out there?

What makes your runs better//worse?


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