Quinoa and Beyonce.

Yesterday started off later than I expected. I had planned to wake up and head to church with my dad, but I slept almost an hour and a half later than I had planned, and completely missed church! I guess my body was trying to tell me something. I think I’m subconsciously preparing for classes {which start a week from today!}. On top of oversleeping, I was exhausted by 10 last night, and asleep by 1030. What?! I never sleep this much. But, it’s way more awesome than I realized…I may just be getting better at this whole sleep thing!

After moseying around and Pinterest-ing for a while, I headed downstairs to have a quick breakfast. We have a huge tupperware of cooked quinoa in our fridge, so I mashed it up with some banana for a more breakfast-y vibe. It was quick and easy. And pretty tasty. I downed this giant mug of coffee– LA style. It was aweosme. I need to do something about my caffeine addiction.


After my breakfast, my best friend came over and we spent a few hours just chatting and catching up. There’s nothing better. Unfortunately, by the time Krista left my house, my stomach was in incredible pain and I basically laid around for a few hours waiting for it to pass.

After a few hours of rest and lots of water, I felt a lot better, so I broke out some toys:


^An amazing orange Ralph Lauren bag, which my mom gave me for Christmas. It is the cutest, and so so perfect. I love orange, and this is me in bag form…love it.^


^Finally listened through the Beyonce CD, which I also received for Christmas. I’ve listened to some songs here and there but haven’t been able to listen to all of them until now! I love my Queen Bey!^




^After that, I headed out to the gym, to sweat out some of the cramps. It worked! I just did a 1 mile run, followed by 12 + 8 {20} min on the Elliptical. Not too intense, but perfect to just get sweating.^



^Dinner- prepared by my lovely mom. Tilapia, asparagus, and a sweet potato.^

The day ended with some Bachelor and crafting. Simple and fun!


What are your go-to solutions when feeling sick?

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