A Quick Recap

Morning guys! Yesterday was a lazy day, spent catching up with my amazing friend Gina. So just a short recap!


^^Breakfast was simple– sweet potato and hummus. Did the trick.^^

After breakfast,I chilled for a while before preparing a lunch spread.  Quinoa, guacamole, hummus, vegetables, lettuce, butternut squash, blue corn chips, and brie cheese. My friend Gina came over and we spent a few hours just chatting and snacking. It was bliss!

After she left, I hang out with my family for a while before having a little spaghetti squash and hummus for a dinner-ish meal. I had a big lunch so I wasn’t too hungry. I also grabbed a little trail mix for some more fats and staying power.


^A little bit later, I did a 25 minute circuit in my basement. It got me sweaty and my heart rate pumping. It was awesome! My legs are so sore today.^


^side note….yes, I did go to space camp. #noshame.^


^aaaaaand lastly– baby arm muscle. Small but proud!^


What’s your favorite at-home workout?


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