2014. Resolutions and Plans!

It’s 2014! Can you guys believe it?

In 2013 I started this little blog, and I definitely haven’t been as dedicated to it as I planned. During the school year I alternated between dedicated and slack depending on the intensity of the work load. I figured that once I got home for winter break, I would settle in and blog as much as I had been itching to. But…. there was so many activities! Family parties, friends, babysitting {hello exhausting}, and then of course Christmas with the whole family! Right after Christmas, my mom, my brother, and I drove down to Jacksonville, FL {a 15 hour drive}. I was there for a Campus Outreach conference and my brother was there to see his roommate get married! So much excitement!


^Dessert with friends, and my .siblings!^


^Christmas in Baltimore.^

IMG_3580 (1)

^The littlest elf cousin. Doesn’t that just melt your heart!!^


^The schedule from my awesome conference!^

^The schedule from my conference. It was busy but amazing!^

So with that, here’s what I’m thinking. 2013 was the start of this little blog. I trucked along and did the best I can. For 2014 I am going to be more accountable. I want to post more, but especially post more of 1- my eats {because that’s what I promised when I started this} and 2- my thoughts, because they are cool too.

So here it is in writing. I’m sure it won’t go 100% as planned, but I’m excited for 2014 and I can’t wait to see what it will bring!


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