Home + Holidays

Wednesday night {after some layovers and delays!} I arrived home to New York. There is nothing like being home– especially without any school stress or real work to think about!

I spent my first two days home {Thursday and Friday} babysitting with my mom. She watches the most adorable little boy- Chase- on the regular, and I was so excited to get a peek into their little friendship for a couple of days.

They are seriously the cutest together. He gets so excited to see her, it melts my heart! Here’s our routine for the baby days daze.




^How could you not love this babe^

We arrived around 6:20 {way too early for a college student} and played/read/fed him until about 9:20, when it was time for the little babe’s first nap.


^While he was sleeping, we chowed down! 6 am-9 am is a long time to go without food, especially when you’re chasing a little babe around. Needless to say, I was starving by this point.^

After Chase woke up from nap #1, we headed to the mall to meet Santa. He loved it! Just kidding…he is not a fan of beards and it was a struggle just to get a non-screaming picture of him. Poor baby boy!


IMG_3375 IMG_3371

^Chase liked the puppies much more :)^

After arriving home from the mall, it was time for a quick lunch for Chase, followed by a diaper change and then nap #2.


^I snacked on a sweet potato as a meager lunch until it was time for us to head home. Little Chase was still sleeping when we left.^


^Spaghetti squash, Earth Balance vegan Butter, and some parmesan cheese. Obviously the mix of vegan butter and cheese might seem odd, but I just happen to have a tub of Earth Balance and I need to use it up ha!^

I headed over to a local gym after my late lunch/early dinner to see about getting a week pass, before we’re off for Christmas travels. The manager was so nice and actually gave me a week trial pass- sweet deal!


I ran 2 miles + another 1.5 miles for a total of 3.5 miles. Half marathon training is coming along nicely. Long runs on the weekend. It was also awesome because I drank out of my lovely Christmas tumbler. It just makes me happy!


After my workout, I headed home and snacked on some yogurt and peanut butter. I wasn’t dying of hunger but I wanted to refuel my muscles a little. Then it was a chat with the boy, and off to bed for another early morning!

I’m so glad it’s Saturday now, and my brother {twin!} is home. Plus, my sister will be here tomorrow woo!!!


Any fun plans for the holidays?

What family members are you most excited to be reunited with?


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