word to the weekend.



^egg whites and gluten free toast. Plain and simple.^


^yum yum yum– half and half at Atlanta Bread Company. Tomato Basil Soup and Bleu Cheese Salad.^


^Black Bean Burger with fruit salad, at our campus ‘restaurant’. It’s nice to “go-out” and still spend campus cash haha!^


^fried rice and a date with my boys. I guess I’m a bro now…^


Have you all seen “What Would I Say?” yet? It takes your past facebook info and generates statuses based on that…literally hilarious! Mine were random and wonderful.

IMG_3171 ^my boyfriend steals my parents…actually not too far off^


^pretty much sums it up {at least the 11th grade year..}^

IMG_3160 IMG_3159


^Christmas Krunk– the best christmas party there is!^


^finished off the weekend with a 4 mile run– back on that half marathon training schedule!^

I have finals starting this weeks so…we’ll see how much I can check in over here! See you on the other side folks.

Any big plans for this week?


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