Yesterday, was long filled with travel and lots of rain. Driving two hours to Charlotte in the pouring rain…not my cup of tea. + a delayed flight? But, I made it home…and I am so happy!

some pictures from the past few days!


^a deliciously chocolate-y breakfast– greek yogurt and trail mix.^


^Lunch on the go: salmon, spaghetti squash, carrots, hummus, and goat cheese. yessssss please!^


IMG_2971 IMG_2972

^my cuties decorating cookies^


^and….he has super powers!^



Today I am home, and I hung out with my mom and my best friend all day {ok my mom is my best friend, but I also have one my own age ;)}

Tomorrow morning we’re running a Turkey Trot and I am so pumped! I rested today {first time in a while} so I will be freshhhhhh tomorrow morning!

What are your Thanksgiving plans? Any runs//workouts in the am?!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!



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