Friendsgiving 2013

After a low key night with the roomies Saturday, Sunday morning started off with lots of fun– brunch with the boy!

 IMG_2951 IMG_2950 IMG_2948

^this is what I do while I’m waiting for breakfast…. feeeeeeed meeeeeee^


^Vegan Breakfast Bowl with me {tempeh, hummus, tofu scramble, tomatoes, and pinto beans. Yes please. Everyday? :)^

IMG_2946 IMG_2945

^isn’t he cute?!^

The rest of Sunday consisted of homework and workout.. yes. Then.. Friendsgiving! Dinner with NMK’s fraternity for the third year in a row. Love that Thanksgiving, and those friends!




^we love to laugh^

IMG_2958 IMG_2956

I didn’t get any pics of my food, but I it was all delicious! Stuffing, veggies, salad, mm good. A little preview for this week!

Have you ever done a Friendsgiving with your friends?!

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food?


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