Yesterday was a CRAZY day. I was in the ER {not for myself} until 1 am. But… let’s rewind.

The morning started off well with some eggs, spaghetti squash, bell pepper, and roasted red pepper hummus.



^Matching rain coat and nails? Can’t go wrong with that combo… >.<^

After morning classes, I had a mini lunch date with NMK at Atlanta Bread Company. He wasn’t feeling well, so I wanted to grab him some soup, but we decided just to eat together instead! I’m not complaining- weekday dates are such a treat.



^I went with half and half- Champagne Brie Salad and Garden Vegetable Soup. It was scrumptious, but not quite as filling as I had hoped. I didn’t eat the bread {because I’m not eating gluten} but I’m sure that would have filled me up.^


^a little later in the afternoon, I snacked on some more Gluten Free Apple Crisp {which I still owe y’all the recipe for!}. Totally hit the spot!^


^my school is pretty ok :)^


^for dinner– salad + some trail mix^


At 8 pm– I ended up taking my roommate to urgent care. She was having a heart issue all day and has a large family history of heart disease. Urgent Care didn’t do ANYTHING, so we took her over to the ER just to check everything out. It all ended up fine– just a late night! I am glad she’s ok, that’s all that matters!

How is your week going?


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