what up weekend.

How’s the weekend guys? So far mine has been super relaxing and just the destress I needed


To kick off the weekend, I ran some errands with my boyfriend, and Dixon, another good friend of ours. We started off at Whole Foods, and grabbed some lunch from the salad bar. We’ve been doing this with some variation of our friend group for the past few weeks- Whole Foods Friday, a wonderful tradition I’m hoping to continue. From there we hit up all the {food} stores — including Trader Joe’s, and Publix, before heading back to school.


^I had sesame kale, sweet potato mash, mediterranean quinoa, and some roasted vegetables. On point.^

IMG_2865 IMG_2866

^also on point…kids these days. This girl was SO cute.^

That afternoon I cleaned up my room some, relaxed, and just took care of little chores I had been meaning to do. I was able to get my workout done earlier in the day– so it was nice not to have that in the middle of my afternoon!

Later I headed out my some of my roommates and some girl friends for a loooooooong dinner with lots of girl talk– the perfect Friday dinner.


^I watched about half of 27 dresses with the roommates before heading over to see NMK (the boyfriend) and hang with his roommates. We watched some weird comedian on Netflix and just hung out. Great night!^



^Saturday morning I woke up early so I chilled with the news and coffee until everyone was ready for breakfast around 12! Plenty of morning relaxation time for me.^IMG_2868^We kept it simply and eat at the Dining Hall. I went with eggs and potatoes, followed by some fruit. Simple and easy^

After breakfast, I drove NMK and 3 other guys downtown for the Greenville Craft Beer Festival. Not exactly my cup of tea {plus the $45 tickets..} so I just opted to DD for them. I spent the afternoon chilling in a coffee shop downtown trying to get work done. When that didn’t work, I spent about an hour walking around, chatting on the phone with my mom! It was really great to get outside and enjoy the weather.

My afternoon also included a trip to the Apple Store downtown because my charger broke ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I originally bought one from Amazon, but I’ve heard horror stories about those being really sketchy and not working… so I took the plunge and spent $80 dollars to buy a charger from Apple.

The rest of my day was working out, baking some gluten free goodies {up soon!}, and an early bedtime to rest up from/for the week!





Happy Sunday! Hope you get to enjoy, bask, and praise today ๐Ÿ™‚


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