glamping 2013

this weekend I had an awesome time hanging out with some Christian girls. We went glamping in Oconee State Park from Friday- Sunday. It was cold, but so invaluably awesome! I did it through Campus Outreach, which is an awesome ministry working on college campuses all over the world. If you’re a college student looking to learn more about Christ, or to form some great Christian fellowship– you should definitely check it out!

Glamping 2013:

for any of you who don’t know– glamping is “glamourous camping”– basically the girly/pinterested version of camping. and the awesome version 🙂

We arrived on Friday night and listened to a talk about perfectionism and it’s {lack of} place in a Christian life. It was eye opening and definitely hit home for me. After that we relaxed around the campfire and made s’mores {quite an event with 50 girls!} before tucking into our tents for the night. I was pretty chilly and woke up a few times to put on more clothes.


Saturday morning started off with some yummy pancakes and bananas. And coffee. Lots and lots. Got to keep warm, right? 🙂

DSCN0564 DSCN0565

^before our morning talk session we split off and did reflections as groups. It is so awesome to be with a group of girls who are open and honest about what they are struggling. It made me realized that I am not alone in my stress, as it can often seem.

After that, we rejoined as a larger group and did some wopping to warm us up. Ok, also just for general entertainment. Mo led us, and considering how pregnant she is, it was impressive.^


 ^after our morning session, we had a couple of free hours. First up- lunch. {sorry for the horrible picture}. Mine: crunchy peanut butter+ raspberry jelly with pretzels, chocolate chips, and some nutella on the side. After that, we went on a ‘hike’ around the lake, which was perfect time filled with good conversation and getting to know the girls. It didn’t hurt that it was absolutely gorgeous!^

DSCN0567 DSCN0568
^the rest of Saturday included: journaling, another talk, dinner, and then a Spa Night! {glamping is the best.} We painted nails, did hand/face scrubs, and watched The Parent Trap. It was cold, but we still had a wonderful time!


Sunday morning I woke up with some extra time, partly due to an early bed time Saturday, and partly due to the time change {woo Daylight Savings!}. So, despite the sub-40 degree temperatures, I decided to go for another lake walk. It was some great prayer + reflection time for me.^


^my cold cold cold face. Worth it though.^


^breakfast- bananas and mini bagels.^

^After breakfast, we worshipped outside, looking over the lake. Truly an amazing end to a Christ-filled weekend. I feel so fortunate to have spent that time with new + old friends and in the presence of the Lord. Nothing can compare!^

Did you have a restful weekend?

How’s the temperature by you?! I’m glad to be out of the mountains, but it’s still pretty cold!


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