get your scarf on.

Y’all- it is getting cold down here in South Carolina! Yesterday as I walked to class, I could have sworn my toes were freezing to my shoes. My fault for thinking flats were a good choice..

IMG_2551 IMG_2552



For lunch I whipped up a quick meal in my apartment- spaghetti squash, veggie meatless balls, and tomato sauce. On the side- salsa and baby carrots. Yum!





^sorry if you’re tired of the children….but SERIOUSLY so cute. How can I not share these?^


After babysitting, I was starved so I headed straight to our Dining Hall with some friends. On the menu: carrots/chips + hummus/salsa. Followed by a stuffed {vegetarian} pepper. Unpictured: some apple crisp that was AWESOME.

After dinner I headed to Bible Study with some great girls. Always a bright spot in my week.
IMG_2562 IMG_2561


IMG_2025  IMG_2020

^for the next workout of my 28 Day Challenge, I completed the Metabolic Power Session yesterday evening. I also did 25 minutes on the elliptical. Between that and the babysitting- I am feeling sore today!


^later while studying I snacked on some popcorn. Perfect ending to the night!^

Happy Friday y’all!


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