rice for dessert?

Yesterday afternoon I shacked up in my apartment to get some reading done. The book I am reading for my Environmental Health class {Bottlemania by Elizabeth Royte} was a lot cheaper on Kindle. But, I don’t have a kindle so I ended up downloading it to my computer. I’ve done this with a few books this semester and I don’t mind it so much… the only thing is it gets a little tiring staring at the screen for hours, but with a little adjustment {turn down the brightness, make the pages smaller} its pretty good!



For dinner I stuck around the apartment and used some food in my fridge up! On the menu: some baked salmon {with citrus and spices on it}, some spaghetti squash, and lemon hummus on the side. I am loving lemon hummus right now- it goes with everything! This dinner was quick, easy, and so so good!




For my workout I headed over to the gym. Boy was it freezing outside!!!! The 1 mile walk there and back was definitely a struggle! For my workout I hopped on the Arc Trainer for 30 minutes. Quick and sweaty.

IMG_2546  IMG_2548

After my workout I headed back to the apartment and snacked a bit while I studied. I tried these Rice Rollers. Gluten Free, vegan, and pretty short ingredient list! I’ll take it! They basically tasted like sweet rice cakes, and we’re pretty nice as a crunchy snack.

How are your workouts going this week?

Any fun snacks you’ve had?

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