lazy evening + chocolate covered goodness!


For dinner last night I headed over to the Dining Hall with a good friend. The evening was just perfectly crisp to allow us to eat outside and enjoy the view. It looks right over our lake and belltower- I’m pretty lucky.


^^gorgeous, no?^^

img_2521 img_2522

^salad, pita chips, salsa, hummus… basically the same variation of what I get every time I’m at the dining hall… if it’s not broken… {my dining hall doesn’t have many healthy options, so I don’t vary much from this little combination}.^



^After dinner last night I headed to the gym for a quick sweat sesh. According to my 28 Day 6 Pack Challenge it was supposed to be a rest day, but I was feeling good and wanted to get some movement in. I ended up doing 10 minutes on the Elliptical and 20 minutes on the Arc Trainer. Perfect little stretch out!


^and last but not least– my study snack. Some Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Seeds from Brookside. I had to put them away after a few minutes though- they are seriously addicting!^




Happy Tuesday! Anything exciting this week?


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