eating local at the dining hall?!

This morning started off hectic. 8:30 classes will do that to ya.. Plus the fact that I knocked the chain off my bike meaning I had a 25-30 minute walk. Woo! That was a chilly one. But honestly, I enjoyed the movement first thing in the morning and I had a nice morning chat with my Mom. My best friend!


Unfortunately I didn’t snag any pictures due to the craziness of my morning but breakfast was a good one! Greek yogurt mixed with some raw oats and pistachios. Simply yet delicious. I shouldn’t buy pistachios because they are my weakness {one of many}. But I’m keeping these high in the cabinet so I try to only take them out when I have a specific purpose {not to sit in the kitchen eating handfuls…but when that happens I don’t beat myself up either!}.


After two {75 minute} morning classes, I was starving and ready for lunch. I had a “lunch date” {if you can call it that at the dining hall..} with some girl friends and it was wonderful! I had a salad with feta, white beans, carrots, celery, artichoke hearts, cherry tomatoes, and a few pita chips on the side. P.S.- that green stuff isn’t guacamole, it’s actually spinach hummus, which I love! Our dining hall recently started carrying a reginal hummus {from only 45 minutes away} and it is honestly amazing. Luckily we can also buy it in our food court. Hummus is my jam!



^^”dessert”- some rice chex, a little granola, some chocolate chips, and a smudge of pb^^


^^hydrate hydrate hydrate^^

Now for some studying, some work for my internship, and a workout! I’ll be back with an update later!

Does your dining hall/school/workplace offer any local options?

Do you try to eat local when you can?


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