candy trees and early mornings.

Hey all! As promised- more regularly scheduled programming is here. An update from this morning:



As a college student.. my mornings are pretty early. This usually means my appetite is a bit off {from being tired/grumpy}. This morning I whipped together this quick breakfast- greek yogurt, mashed banana, and roasted + salted nuts. The combination of textures and flavors was exactly what I needed.


Accompanying breakfast was coffee….always lots of it! I had this cup x2.


^^and for a bonus: this gorgeous view on my way to class^^IMG_2484IMG_2481

^foryour viewing pleasure– my crazy pre class outfit… ^

and for some Monday fun: candy trees! My mom actually sent this to my boyfriend as an early Halloween treat. My family has been making candy trees for almost 5 years already and we’re slightly obsessed! You can use pushpins {for things like milky ways/snickers and more bar-shaped things} or you can use hot glue {for things like reese’s, kisses, etc. which you can’t really pin}.


 Have you ever made a candy tree? Any fun crafts in the works?


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