babies and prayer time.

After class today I headed off to the weekly babysitting {I do 4 hours two times a week}. Because of the close cut between my last class and my job, I have to pack lunch and eat in my car on the way there. Not ideal- I try not to eat in my car {it’s a lease} BUT what can you do. So I aim for things that are minimally messy and pretty quick to eat. Today the menu: a baked sweet potato {which I cooked and froze last week– only had to defrost it last night!} with some goat cheese and some hummus for staying power.

IMG_2490 IMG_2491

^I promise you- goat cheese makes anything better^ 



^while I was feeding him a bottle, he tilted it back like a little drunken man…too cute. I tried to capture a picture, but he wouldn’t do it because he was so enthralled by my phone. #fail haha^


Dinner was in our dining hall- unmentionably limited options 😦 I went with a salad {no picture sorry} some pita chips + hummus, and a mix of greek yogurt, granola, fruit and peanut butter for “dessert”. Apparently I didn’t eat enough lunch because about 2 hours after I was starving so…by the time I got to dinner 3 hours late I was famished.. message to future self, babysitting is hard- you need a snack!



Today was the first day of the 28 Day 6 Pack challenge that I am doing with my boyfriend {via men’s health}. I’m not looking to get a six pack but I am excited to add some more strength training back into my routine. I’ve been regrettably lax in the weight lifting area lately, so this will be a good kick start. Today I did the Upper Body Blitz which was intense- especially after 4 hours of babysitting! Loving this challenge already.

 After my workout I headed over to Campus Outreach {CO} where I had great fellowship {catchphrase is an amazing game :)}. We read 2 Chronicles 20: 1-30 and had a good discussion. My take away: praise God in every situation! I know I am guilty of not doing this, but I am working on it everyday.



and finally ^^ a snack for post-CO studying. Popcorn and hummus– don’t knock it till you try it y’all!

Any weird snacks you’ve been loving lately?


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