I’ve been whipping this healthy breakfast lately- some butternut squash or pumpkin, some greek yogurt, and some roasted + salted nuts. It;s especially awesome because it’s a low-sugar breakfast {as opposed to sugar filled cereals or breads that grace many American tables}.


^oats, chocolate chips, greek yogurt, and peanut butter. it’s a pretty awesome combo. a little higher in sugar than my first option but not really terrible- especially if you leave out the chocolate {but do you really want to do that? ;)}


^in the course of my gluten free adventures I’ve discovered these- glutino pretzels.. I bought the unsalted variety and LOVE them. they pair well with cheese, hummus, salsa…everything!^


^speaking of dipping options.. Chavrie Purely Goat cheese. Actually from Walmart and actually delicious. I polished this off in a few day… I like goat cheese, what can I say.^


^roasted pine nut Sabra hummus. I’m in love with it. Sabra + veggies, wraps, pretzels… it’s a match made in heaven.^


^what’s up doc^

 IMG_2444 IMG_2445

^two quick wraps I threw together before babysitting last week. One with goat cheese, one with hummus. Both satisfying and scrumptious!^

IMG_2361 IMG_2360

^an indian dinner with my boy. The first picture is bhel “A special bombay-style mixture of puffed rice, broken crunchy puries, boiled potato bits, finely chopped onions, our homemade chickpea flour noodles and a combination of our mouth-watering chutneys”. It was delicious- especially the pomegranate seeds in there. We shared it as an appetizer. The second picture is my entree the baingan bharta “fresh eggplant baked with indian spices”. Also delicious! I was satisfied {okay- stuffed} and happy after this meal. Check Swad out if you’re in the Southeast!^


^This past week we took my roommate out to Tupelo Honey Cafe for her birthday. My meal- goat cheese grits topped with salsa verde black-eyed peas, a layer of savory sautéed greens and a heaping dose of crispy fried okra with sunshot salsa. I only wish it had been bigger… the combination of flavors and textures were so so good, I couldn’t have found a better meal!^


IMG_2332 IMG_2331 IMG_2330

^fall around campus^


^dressed up for a fall day^

IMG_2459  IMG_2458

^cookie decorating with my girls…literally my heart just melts :)^



^the cutest kids around^

keep tuned for some more regularly scheduled posting this week!



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