biking adventures.

 this morning was rushed y’all! I woke up early to make breakfast for the boy {my little gesture as a good girlfriend}. Then, I ran back to my apartment, and by ran I mean biked. Showered, dressed, make up-ed and got breakfast ready all in about 30 minutes. Not to brag but…I was pretty impressed with myself. Breakfast was some quick apple cider vinegar {I mix it with a shot of all natural apple juice and some water to take down the acidity}, some coffee, and a “banana split” of greek yogurt, and kashi cereal.

IMG_2133  IMG_2135




After my morning classes, I biked back to the apartment {80% uphill} and whipped myself up a scrumptious lunch. I threw half a sweet sweet potato, a bell pepper, and some spinach in a pan to heat them up. I threw that on top of some romaine and added a side of hummus…yum! Followed it up with a slice of some gluten free banana bread- I couldn’t resist! After gobbling down, I threw on some cozy clothes and got to the homework grind. I definitely wasn’t in a homework mood after morning classes, but I had an afternoon date, so I wanted to get ‘er done!

IMG_2148 IMG_2150

A bit later, I changed again {how many outfits can I wear in a day? Challenge accepted!} into an outfit for what I thought would be a windy bike ride. I didn’t realize how warm it had gotten in the hours since I had returned to my apartment. Oops. By the time I got .5 miles away, I had to stop and take the scarf + sweater off.

IMG_2153  IMG_2156 IMG_2157

On campus, I met up with a friend, and we back 5 miles while chatting away. The 30 minutes literally flew by, it was lovely. We made Swamp Rabbit Cafe our stopping point. It’s literally right off the trail. They are a grocery and a cafe- carrying awesome local goods, and crafting amazing treats and goods of all kinds {plus gluten free and vegan ones too!} Emily and I sat and chatted for a while before heading on the 5 miles back. Just about an hour bike round trip- felt awesome and the time with a great friend was extremely appreciated.

IMG_2159 IMG_2160 IMG_2161

^I had a gluten free, vegan, blackberry scone. Yum x 1000^


^after getting back and cleaning some, this was dinner at the dining hall. Salad with veggies, white beans, some feta, and tortilla chips for crunch.^


^After dinner I headed to the gym where I did some Arc-ing and some stairmaster-ing before heading back…and kicking the chain off my bike. Luckily I {ok my boy} was able to fix it and make it back to my apartment. I also had a great chat with my Dad after dinner, which always makes me smile.

Then I chowed on this beauty- apple, cinnamon, choc chips and some peanut butter. It was a winning combination for sure.^


are you having a good week? Tomorrow is Friday!!


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