quick recap and spotlight on: challenging your worship.

breakfast and lunch:


^greek yogurt, pineapple, gluten free banana bread^

IMG_2127 IMG_2128 IMG_2129

^lettuce, veggies, hummus, black bean burger, and some Udi’s bread. Yum!^

Challenging your worship:

The past few weeks I’ve been shopping around Greenville to find a church to go to. The past two years at Furman, I haven’t really explored beyond the campus for religious life. I have loved my experience being a part of the Furman chapel worship, however, as a junior, I was ready to look for a congregation that was more diverse in age, and perhaps had some new aspects to offer to me.

My first week, I tested out Christ Church in downtown Greenville. Christ Church is an episcopalian church, and definitely traditional in style. I actually tested out two different services at Christ Church {over the course of 2 weeks}. While I certainly enjoyed the services, there wasn’t exactly the feeling I was looking for…although I wasn’t sure what that feeling was.

This past Sunday, I decided to try out Grace Church in downtown Greenville. Grace Church is anything but traditional. Growing up in a Catholic church, I am more used to a traditional style of worship. It’s more comfortable and easy for me. Going into a contemporary church like Grace Church was not “easy” for me but…is that necessarily a bad thing? Taking part in a form of worship that was so different from my typical mode was so….engaging. Being put into a situation I am not entirely familiar with….definitely challenged me to open my heart and deeply worship, as opposed to when I am too comfortable and “settled”…and tend to zone out to the service.

Of course, I could actively work to engage myself fully in my familiar settings…but for now I am sticking with Grace Church. I am excited to see how this contemporary worship will enhance and deepen my relationship with God. It’s an exciting journey and I’m ready to start.


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