sprained my eye?!

so…I got a bike y’all! I’m pretty excited ’bout that. It’ll make the 1.2 mile HIKE from my apartment so so much easier. Plus it’s school colors- win!

IMG_2096  IMG_2098



I started yesterday morning nice and early with an awesome workout. I did some elliptical, some arc, and it felt awesome to bust it out early before the day started! Then it was off to classes. Today’s load: Survey of Spanish American Literature {para mi especializacion de español} and Physics. Not too bad for a Monday. After class I headed to the DH to get some nomz. Lunch was a little sketchy, but I went with a salad {that’s the boy pictured eating it :)} and a “moroccan vegetable stew” from the gluten free/vegetarian station at our Dining Hall. It wasn’t the best thing ever, but I felt satisfied and I loved the chickpeas that were mixed in.


After lunch I had an eventful/stressful afternoon. My left eye has been pretty red and aching since Friday. On Friday I went to the infirmary to get it checked out, and they told me to start using some eye drops. When it wasn’t feeling better by Monday, I figured I better get it checked out again. Back to the infirmary for me! There, they confirmed that it wasn’t scratched or bruised, and that it definitely was not pink eye. So from there, they sent me over to the eye doctor for a closer look.

After lots of drops, lights shining in my eye, and some close inspection, the doctor determined that I had “sprained” my eye…. ha! Only I could sprain an eye…and not even know how I did it. So now, my eye is on steroids. I’m just glad that it will be feeling better soon. It’s super irritating and limiting when one of your eyes is in pain no matter what you do. Makes school work and classes a real pain!


Because they dilated my eyes so late in the day, I was basically useless as far as schoolwork goes…so I threw together an awesome gluten free recipe! Which I’ll be sharing ASAP!

A little later, I headed over to the Chapel where the boy was working to bring him a little treat! He’s been extremely supportive and comforting through my whole eye ordeal the past few days, on top of tolerating the ridiculously long time it took me to pick out a bike on Sunday…

I brought him some of the BEST Jeni’s Ice Cream {which is grass-fed y’all!} in Dark Chocolate which is completely to die for. I love their ingredients, all natural!

I headed back soon after that and called it an early night, to rest my little eye. Hopefully things start to clear up today!

IMG_2119 IMG_2120



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