what up Saturday.

Friday- already? I’m not complaining! I had planned to share all this with you guys sooner, but well… the week sort of got away from me. My classes this semester are very reading based, so it takes a while to work through all of that. By the end of the day, I haven’t been taking the time to blog. But I’m doing my best.

Monday Cook Up:

This Monday {Labor Day}, I did a cook up of all the veggies/random things I had lying around. This way, quick healthy meals would be at my fingertips for the week, making it both easier and fun to eat healthy! I either pan-grilled or baked all the veggies then stored them, so they are ready to be combined in whatever thousands of ways I can imagine!


^the veggie haul^



^chopped and ready to go^


^some RHONYC to entertain me while I was cooking^


^cutting some onions^


IMG_1863  IMG_1864

^bam. prepped for the week!^

 food of the week:


IMG_1870IMG_1871 IMG_1848




IMG_1889 IMG_1890


IMG_1891 IMG_1893 IMG_1894IMG_1895 IMG_1896

some dinner mixed up:



IMG_1850 IMG_1852

Sunday- 8 mile run

Monday- HIIT {bike} with the boy.

Tuesday- Dumbbell Circuit + 4 mile run

Wednesday- 1 hour walking + dumbbell circuit + babysitting yo!

Thursday- Arc Trainer [45 min]

Friday- Arc [30 min] + Elliptical [15 min] + bodyweight circuit



^outfittin’ for the schoolday^


IMG_1987 ^babysitting antics^

IMG_1978IMG_1979 IMG_1981

^that baby…too cute!^



^when the babies take your phone…^

IMG_1992  IMG_1990

^frog life.^

happy weekend, do something fun!


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