life round these parts.

moving in has been crazy round here! here’s an update of some eats and workouts:



^coffee, duh.^


^oatmeal, bananas, peanut butter. pretty solid for a free hotel breakfast^


^ lunch mid-moving in with la madre. salad {with apples, nuts, balsamic, and grapes} that we split. My lunch: veggie burger with seasonal veggies, tomatoes, and mashed potatoes. I ended up giving the mashed potatoes to my mom and stealing a LOT of her sweet potato fries.. so good!^


^dinner out with madre and my dear roomie Madi {I actually have 3 roommates but Mads is the only one moved in yet}. Mediterranean salad to starts {greens, carrots, tomatoes, feta, olives}, followed by tomato basil pasta {with whole wheat spaghetti}^


^coffee and water- the first things ‘eaten’ in my new apartment!^


^jumbo salad,  yummmmmmm! Made in my new kitchen with lettuce, veggies, ‘meat’balls, and apple cider vinegar^



Thursday: moving in. hauling boxes up and down stairs from my car, then from my storage unit… definitely a good workout

Friday: Split between the Arc trainer and biking. I did 25 min Arc, 10 min bike, 10 min Arc.

Saturday: I RAN SEVEN MILES. I know. It was crazy. ^^above is my attempt of getting some picture of it {at the halfway point}. It felt really awesome, and I am getting so excited about my training!

other news:


^my compression socks finally arrived. I got them with a groupon, woo! Plus the color is perfect considering my half is the Disney Princess Half Marathon….^


^my Hunter boots also arrived. A little pricey, but for as much as it rains in South Carolina.. totally worth it. I got teal and am loving them already. Also just as a side note…I don’t plan to wear them with my pink socks. You can all stop worrying about me!^


^going downtown with the boy and his mom for dinner. It was deeeeeeelicious and a nice way for me to stop thinking about how my madre was gone :(^


    ^awesome band downtown! They played for at least 2 hours…impressive^


^first Trader Joe’s run of the year…. love me some TJ.^


happy Sunday! Anyone else moving in this weekend?


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