roadtrippin’ day 3.


on Tuesday, we headed from Richmond, VA down to Carborro, NC {which is basically 2 streets over from Chapel Hill}. “Carborro, NC?” you’re probably thinking… “that was kind of a random choice..” but it had logic behind it. Over the course of our roadtrip, we really only wanted to drive ~4 hours every day {so we could enjoy our time —especially because we were traveling in two different cars}.

So day 1: New York — Lancaster {~4 hours….except when we got lost so… ~5 hours}

day 2: Lancaster — Richmond {~4.5 hours}

day 3: Richmond — Carborro {~2.5 hours}

Between Virginia and Greenville {~6.5 hours} we were looking for somewhere to stop, but we wanted a cute, new place that neither of us had been before! I checked out this list of Outside’s Best Towns 2013. I came across the list originally because my FAVE town Greenville, SC was listed. When I saw a town in North Carolina that was conveniently located about halfway between Richmond and Greenville…done and done.

IMG_1675 IMG_1676

^so Tuesday morning we packed up {after another lovely morning walk together} and headed a short ways down to Carborro. Apparently the Carborro Farmer’s Market is truly awesome, but unfortunately we didn’t plan our trip for the right day to go! Oh well, next time.^


^as soon as we pulled up, la madre and I headed to find somewhere for lunch. This cute restaurant- The Spotted Dog came up on Urbanspoon {side npte- I love Urbanspoon and use it in new cities to determine good places to eat and check out the options before heading over.}^



^Lunch was AWESOME. If you’re in the Chapel Hill area {…Sarah}  definitely head over and check this out! They had awesome vegetarian options, but plenty of meat friendly options too- perfect for vegetarians who want to eat well, but not hear the complaints from their carnivorous friends about the ‘hippie food’. My mom and I split the hummus, which was a little chunky in a totally awesome way. Then I went with the quinoa burger for a side salad…so good! Did you know quinoa is a complete protein? Check out it’s awesome health benefits here.^

 DSCN0545DSCN0546 DSCN0548

^walking around the adorable {literally 4 streets big} town of Carborro^


^Olivia’s spring mix?!?! Made for me :)^

DSCN0552 IMG_1685

 IMG_1683 IMG_1684

^mid-afternoon la madre and I classed it up with some french press coffee at Oasis in Carborro. Not only was the atmosphere calming, and the coffee rich, the girl working there was SO sweet and chatted with us the whole time we were there. Plus- $7.00 for two 17 oz pots of french press coffee? You can’t beat that!^

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around Chapel Hill {which is right next to Carborro}. It’s a really cute college town with lots of boutiques and restaurants. I bought two posters for my apartment, plus WAY too many cute dresses from Bevello. If you haven’t heard of Bevello- GO. They have locations is Alabama, Illinois, Texas, Virginia, Georgia, and North Carolina. The girls working there were so sweet, chatting and helping me find the perfect dresses for me. I highly recommend it!


^after all that hard work {shopping is legit y’all} we were famished, and settled on Kipos Greek Taverna for dinner.^


IMG_1689 IMG_1690

^the restaurant is based on traditional Greek eating style, where you get small plates and split then. We tried a beet salad {local beets yay!}, an eggplant spread, crispy vegetables, and oven roasted local veggies. So, SO good. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but split between two people, we filled up the perfect amount!^


^then it was off to the hotel, and a 5 mile run for me! Ugh, honestly I was’t really feeling it after walking around all day, but I was glad that I did it. It’s important to keep my miles up if I want to be ready for the longer runs on the weekend!^

so….that was day 3! Day 4 recap to come…and then I’ll be back to more regularly scheduled eats and workouts! Happy Friday :)!


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