roadtrippin’ day 2

Day 2- Monday:

On Monday, we woke up nice and early so we could start our day and see the town. We started with a lovely 2.5 mile walk around the lakes- which were right next to our hotel!


^walking is my favorite. First thing in the morning, with a good friend, around a scenic lake?! It’s the bomb.^



^after that we packed up and headed out to find some food. I was hannnnnnnngry! Maybe it’s better that la madre and I were driving in different cars. We headed to a diner on the side of the ‘highway’ {aka 1 lane road surrounded by cornfields…a lot nicer than any highway I’ve ever been on!}. these are some pictures from cornfields. It was amazing…. so gorgeous. I love the country!^


^oatmeal + raisins… which I devoured soooooo quickly that pictures only captured the remnants…oops ;)^

  DSCN0541 DSCN0540 DSCN0539

^we then headed into the little town of Bird in Hand Pennsylvania. When I say little I mean like…. 500 yards long. But what it lacks in size it makes up for in stores. Amazing little knick knack stores, and shops featuring local/handmade Amish goods.^


^these are your typical electric candles, but with a flair! They have real wax added on the outside to make them look realistic + beautiful. I LOVE this! Especially because I am not allowed to have real candles in my apartment. This will add some class and ambiance for sure. {not that I really know what ambiance is…just that I want it}. I picked up a teal and a yellow one, and la madre went for some navy blue tall candles. She was especially excited because we haven’t had candles in our house for about a year, since she and my pap almost burned the house down..{long story}. Electric candles {and they’re on a timer!} are the way to go madre.^


^a GIANT squash. After some reserach I think it’s a Dutch Crookneck Squash ? It was pretty legit.^


^then we headed into a little bake shop! look at that cinnamon bun…. mmmmmm sugar high!^


^I tried my first bite of Shoo Fly Pie! It was basically buttery sugar… aka heaven in a bite.^


^this is the last picture I snapped of the day…. After leaving Lancaster, we headed straight {literally no stops- don’t know how I did it!} to Richmond, VA. By the time we stopped {~4.5 hours later} I was stiff, starving, headache-y, and totally out of it! We rushed to get some dinner ^^ which was lentil and rice croquettes for me. Pretty good, but that may have just been because I was SO hungry. It’s really unusual for me to go from breakfast to 4:30 pm without eating, but my car is so pretty! I didn’t want to get it dirty. Oh well.^

From there we headed about 20 minutes south to Chester, VA before calling it a night. I finished the day up with a workout of some walking and some weights. By the time I turned in {around 9:30!} I was exhausted. Sign of a good day, right?

any exciting roadtrips or travels in your week?


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