roadtrippin’- day 1.

Yesterday was the first day of roadtrip 2013- Livi and Madre take to the road. The drive down to my school is only 14 hours {is that an oxymoron?}. The morning started with making sure everything was squared away.

 IMG_1633 IMG_1634 IMG_1635

^not going to lie….I have a lot of stuff. Clothes is one thing, but I’m also moving into an apartment for the first time {with 3 other lovely ladies} so my mom and I have been collecting pots/pans/furniture/anything you could ever need EVER and…let me tell you, it all adds up! above is my leeeeeetle car packed to capacity. it’s like a really boring game of tetris.^


^and yes…my mom’s car too. oops. told you we have a lot. She was already planning to drive her car down though, so thankfully it wasn’t a problem!^


^we caravanned across the way, with me basically following her lead. It was painful at times. My mom is a great driver, but her preferred speed is at or 5-10 BELOW the speed limit…mine’s the opposite, aka 10-15 above. Don’t judge, we all do it. When you’re driving 50 miles on the same road….you can’t make me believe you stick to the speed limit the whole time…^




^After driving for about an hour, we started to come up to the midtown tunnel, one of the ways to get off my beloved island. Then suddenly…it hit me. The route we had chosen was taking us right through Manhattan {traffic vs. distance was in our favor because of the time/day. Weekdays in the city…that’s another story}. I’ve never driven through Manhattan! And taxi drivers are scary man! I almost started freaking out but I just slapped myself on the leg {literally} and gave some positive self talk. I’m not going to lie…driving through Manhattan was definitely a stressful experience. At one point a lane ended right with no warning, and I had to merge right in front of one of those dreaded taxi drivers. A minute later a HUGE bus tried to edge me out of my lane. Hey bus, I may be small but I’m fierce.

Anyway, I made it. And managed to snap this cool picture while stuck in traffic!^


^a little while later, we hit traffic in New Jersey, and I started to get antsy. I broke out my veggies, and started blasting some tunes. Diana Ross and the Supremes were excellent company :)^


^traffic pics? why not.^


^driving through the countryside of Pennsylvania was amazing.^


^a quick lunch stop- yum berries!^


^and then we made it! To stop numero 1…. the National Christmas Center. YES. There is a National Christmas Center, in Paradise Pennsylvania. It’s pretty perfect. I definitely recommend this to anyone and EVERYONE! It’s awesome for children, but I didn’t feel out of place either. You can learn all about the different Christmas traditions around the world, and see amazing artifacts from Christmas pasts. The property is ~20,000 square feet, and it is all filled with Christmas joy 🙂 The last 1/4 of the exhibit {it wraps around in a self guided tour manner} is dedicated to the real Christmas story. Oh. my. gosh. All the nativities were so beautiful, I wanted them. I loved that the tour ended with an emphasis on Jesus and the true importance and joy of Christmas.^


^A giant train track from inside, wrapping around an entire room! Children’s dreams come true here! Long story short- go visit! You won’t regret it.^


^by the time we arrived at our hotel for the night, we were both pretty wiped, so dinner consisted of some random car snacks we brought. Carrots, apple, and chickpeas for me {these are LEGIT delicious!}^


^Followed by a quick 4 miler on the hotel treadmill. Ugh, my legs were definitely stiff after driving all day so it felt good + bad to stretch them!^

happy monday! I’ll be back with another update ASAP!


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