lately and coming up!

I’m off on a roadtrip this morning! before I left I thought I’d catch you all up on the past few days!





^on thursday I started the morning with some protein {pancake style} and some apple! It was the perfect fuel. Followed by a giant water coffee before my final exam. Surprisingly I sort of felt the final was the ‘easiest’ exam of them all! The material was obviously more comprehensive, but for once I was able to keep myself calm and not stressed, which was HUGE in not forgetting the 100+ hours of studying! I completely owe my mindset to the amazing devotional I did the morning before the test:


….I don’t know why I don’t always do this!^


^after the test, I was ECSTATIC^


^the food I devoured after my test. 2.5 hours of testing {plus the bike there and back} on 1 little protein pancake + apple…. I didn’t really think that through ha. And the container of hummus that I polished off… definitely not a rare occurrence around here.^




^the rest of the afternoon consisted of a sister date 🙂 Not only am I off to school this week, but my sister is moving to Ireland for graduate school! My class kept me pretty busy, on the study grind :(, so as soon as I was done {literally, not ‘literally’} we headed off for some quality sister time.^


^and later in the afternoon…a run for my half marathon training! Just a base run, so nothing fast or crazy.. it was hot outside ! ^




^the entire day was spent with my sweet sweet Krista, before she headed down to TN on Saturday. Totally worth it. I love her. Friends > workouts. Gotta just live your life sometimes 🙂 Also- that brunch was incredible! I love when KP and I brunch because we always split things- it’s the best because you can try lots without ordering 5 things!^


On Saturday I paid for not really organizing by spending the first 3/4 of the day packing and loading my car…oops. Then I was able to have some fun!


^farmer’s market haul with my Momma. I get my love of veggies from her 🙂 We sort of over bought…oops- considering we’re leaving on a roadtrip today…. it just lead to a veggie filled dinner- no complaints from me! On another note- did y’all know how many types of eggplant there are?! White eggplants are freaky, but baby eggplants are CUTE. Ha. I get too attached to my vegetables…^


^Tiny tomatoes…these are local from Long Island, and the BEST. They’re like cherry tomatoes on steroids (expect they’re all natural of course)^


^size comparison. and shameless selfies of course. What else?^


IMG_1593 IMG_1572

^a semblance of the veggie monster dinners we made for the fam.^

workout: no pictures! I biked to the gym and did the arc for 40 minutes plus ‘open stride’ a machine I’ve never tried before- it’s cool because you basically push yourself as hard or as easy as you want based on the length of your stride and how hard you press down… I’ll be investigating more!^


^aaaaand….a preview of a delicious snack…I’ll be posting the recipe soon!^

so that’s it y’all! This morning {in like a half hour…I should probably…be getting ready. oh well.} we’re off to our first stop, I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures and share!

hasta luego chicos!


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