week(end) in review. plus an un-recipe!

aka in pictures!




^a run, an arm workout, and some Arc training^



^almond milk oatmeal for a ‘friend date’ Saturday morning. we chilled chez mi casa because we’re saving $$^


^yummy, greek yogurt, trail mix, and some carob chips^


^simple dinner all thrown on a pan together- onion, bell pepper, kale, spinach, veggie burger, and hummus. my dinners are basically all some recreation of this (if you haven’t noticed yet) but I can’t get over how simple it is to make, and how delicious it always turns out! Sometimes I throw some oregano, or cayenne pepper, or even ginger, but I’m promise this is just as good plain! Another ‘un-recipe’ for y’all!^


^that time I dropped a 15 lb dumbbell on my ankle… ow^


^see above for explanation of this face.^

IMG_1404 IMG_1403

^because….who doesn’t take selfies on the weekend?!^

Tuesday is already 1/5 of the way to Friday! 🙂


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