a full day.

so I realized that in my ~2 months of blogging, I haven’t give you guys a full day peek into my eats/workout/life. so yesterday I made the extreme effort to photo document everything I did/ate. One question… how does everyone do this?! Seriously, it takes enough effort just for me to remember my own tasks for the day…. how am I supposed to remember to also photograph everything (beforeIeatitin5secondsflat). haha so, needless to say, despite my best efforts, we’ll see how often I am actually able to make this happen….


^my morning started bright and early {@ 5:36 am}. I like to fit in a little movement in the AM because it helps me wake up and feel great for the day ahead! Sometimes is 60 mins, or 40, or just 15…depends what I’m feeling. Usually I do incline walking or go on a walk with my mom, depending on how our schedules match up.^

 IMG_1392 IMG_1391IMG_1410

^then coffee. always coffee. seriously, it’s bad. I can’t start my morning without it…. the other drink is a combination of pineapple juice, apple cider vinegar, and a little cinnamon +cayenne pepper. plus a simple bowl of almond milk, oats, protein powder, and half a banana + some strawberries. the oats were raw, which I actually enjoy. Plus. I don’t know about y’all but I just can’t eat  a hot breakfast after I’m already sweaty!^

For my snack for the morning, packed up and ready for class. A little trail mix, an apple, and of course my huge water bottle always comes with me. It means I have to use the restroom about 50 times in our 3 hour class, but it’s worth it because staying hydrated keeps me so energized {which is a must when you’re taking a summer class}


^pre class selfies…why not. I usually bike to class (it’s about 1.5 miles) but it was raining so I had to drive. Driving actually ends up taking me a LOT longer because I have to walk from the commuter parking lot (which is at least .7 miles from my lecture hall.)^



^post class lunch. simple and fast. with some whole grain bread to finish it off. And a giant mug of hibiscus tea because…I can^

  IMG_1396    IMG_1380

^my afternoon was filled with chemistry, studying my little heart out. this ochem class is my last chemistry! {before med school} so I just have to get through it and I’ll be free. Ugh. Only 18 more days {but so so much material crammed into those 18 days}. sigh.^



^a little later, I headed over to the gym for a great workout. I biked there, and took the long way because it was so nice to finally have a day under 80 degrees. Then an arms and abs workout and a sch-weaty 30 minutes on the Arc trainer. bike home, workout done. The arm workout I did was Day 39 of Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer. I love her workouts and follow the strength training part pretty regularly.^


^home for a snack- trail mix mixed with some carob chips- because who doesn’t need a daily chocolate fix? no? I can’t be the only one…and carob chips are at least “healthy-ish” (so I tell myself)^


^more studying, following by a small dinner- I wasn’t too hungry for some reason {oh I know– maybe all the extra carob chips I ate?! silly me… #chocolateaddict}. So for dinner I just went with some veggies and hummus. After this picture I proceeded to finish off the hummus tub (it was almost gone) and then rounded the night out with a delicious plum- seriously! I don’t know how these juicy amazing fruits become prunes (which I’m not a huge fan of)…. they don’t even seem related to me!^

Then a little more studying, followed by a devotion, some prayer, and an early night. I find with class these days, and getting up early to sweat it out, I’m exhausted by 9:30, and usually asleep by 10 or 10:30 at the latest. No complaints here!

So there you have it….a full day in the life! Happy weekend, hope everyone is enjoying some relaxing, rejuvenating weekend things 🙂


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