walks, workouts, and TWO recipes.

hey all! here are some things I’m digging right now. some workouts I’ve been doing, and two recipes I whipped up!


^I’m loving this High 5 workout from Sarah over at Sarah Fit. It’s quick, sweaty, perfect for these hot summer days when you’re not sure what to do, or..to do while you watch TV in your nice air conditioned home. (unless you’re like me that is…and have ‘AC’ but only set it to 80…it’s still pretty hot in hereeeeeeee!)^


^I’ve had some really lovely morning walks with my mom, and my sister even joined us one day! It’s good to get moving early, but it’s unbelievable how hot it already is at 6 am!^


^I’m currently on week 3 of this 10 week plan from Hal Higdon. I’ve always like running but never more than 3 miles. This will have me running 10 by September…pretty exciting!^

and now…the recipes! or ‘un-recipes as I like to call them because they’re so easy and really don’t have much to them!

First up: Honey Almond Butter

IMG_1294 IMG_1295

^this first one is SUPER simple- which is basically a requirement if I’m making something. This recipe was actually born out of my weird eating… aka when I eat trail mix I eat a disproportionate amount of the goodies (dried fruits, choc chips, etc) and leave A LOT of the nuts behind… doesn’t everyone? 🙂 So I often find myself left with large amounts of almonds and nothing to really do with them. So I thought…I like nut butter a lot more than plain nuts, so why not test my hand at some homemade almond butter?^

Honey Almond Butter

~3 c almonds

~1/4 honey (or to your taste)

…that’s it!

-whiz in your blender/food processor/vitamix for about 10 minutes until it’s the consistency you’d like!


^this is a real gem! Smoothies are my favorite for the summer when it’s hot and ick out and I just want to refresh and relax! Perfect fuel for after a workout, and they cool you down as a bonus^


^this is a pumpkin cinnabon smoothie I made, pretty much by accident. But it tasted like a pumpkin cinnamon roll…I mean, I had to share!^

Pumpkin Cinnamon Smoothie- serves 1

2 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk

-1 tsp cinnamon

-1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I use Sunwarrior’s vegan/raw vanilla powder)

-2 T pumpkin puree (just plain nothing added!)

-1 T ground flaxseed

-1/4 ice cubes

-Blend this up and enjoy it immediately!

Happy Thursday….tomorrow is Friday ! 


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