shots and summaries of the last few days:



^my amazing twin brother (who is a US Marine!) was home for the past week, so the weekend was spent focusing on him. We only get to see him ~2 times a year so we have to take advantage when we can! On Saturday morning we were supposed to go skydiving (at Skydive Long Island) but unfortunately the weather prevented us! The staff was extremely nice and helpful, but weather can’t be changed.

Since we were already there (about ~1 hour from our house) we went out for a family breakfast and then went to the Riverhead Tanger Outlets for some shoppinggggggggg 🙂 (can you tell I like to shop?!). I love the outlets because the deals are so great that I don’t end up having post-shopping guilt ha!^


IMG_1351 IMG_1347

^On Sunday our old piano teacher (Jack Licitra- check out his music at came over with his adorable son Brian! We played around and then gave him some old toys- Playmobile anyone? We have soooooo many toys in this house, and it makes me so happy when we’re able to give them to a child who wants them!

The rest of the day was spent family-ing and enjoying the brother on his last night home. Great times with him, can’t wait till we’re reunited!^



^Monday was off to my second week of class… and  my enthusiasm was definitely lacking. Sigh. I guess that’s what happens when you take Organic Chemistry over the summer. At least it will be over in 30 days – for better or for worse!^



^my snacks/eats from the school day. I have to take things that are portable and easy to pack so here I have veggie burger sandwich, apple, kombucha, and coconut water. I usually workout while I’m over at school (in addition to biking back and forth) so I need that coconut water to restore my energy and fuel me, especially in the middle of this heat wave!^


^dinner last night, a classic mish mosh. Veggie meatballs, bell pepper, kale, onions, nutritional yeast and hummus. yummy vegan goodness!^


^a sneak peak of a little recipe I made last night! Check in tonight for the details!^


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