weekend in the city.

Fun fact: I am a twin!


^do we look alike?!^

My twin is a Lance Corporal in the US Marine Corps- and I am so so proud of him! He lives far away in New Orleans now, so we only get to see him a few times a year 😦 He’s home now for 1.5 weeks, so we are taking full advantage of our time and living it up! This past weekend we went into the city for a little adventure. We went to see the Book of Mormon! Growing up just outside, NYC always calls to us when we’re home. Broadway always seems to get at least one visit from us.


^a quick train ride in, and bam! Hello, Times Square…^


^it was only about a half mile from Penn Station to our theater, but man it was so hot. By the time we got there, we were all sweating, but never too hot for a picture stop!^


^I enjoyed the show. However, it was definitely not for everyone. If you’re not ready to laugh it off, it can be taken as very offensive. It looks at a lot of situations (like religion, struggles in Africa…) in a very stereotypical and mocking way. Plus strong language, so beware for children (or conservative parents ha! I know mine wouldn’t care for it). Besides that, the music was great, and the energy was HIGH which is something I always love in a show! So I would say I recommend it with some warnings :)^


^beautiful daisies, fresh from our garden. fresh flowers just seem to perk up any room :)^

IMG_1319   IMG_1316  IMG_1265

^we filled the rest of our weekend with celebrations, family time, and working the pool scene^


^and to round things out….definitely a creation I would classify as a pinterest hah! It was supposed to be a flag cake (like in my 4th of July post) but…. the white was too thick, the red was too thin, an the blue fell apart so I ended up with a slightly altered version. But I have to say…the icing was awesome! I made homemade whipped cream for the icing and I could just eat that with a spoon all day long! Yum!^

Whipped Cream for icing or eating with a spoon…. 😉

2 cups heavy whipping cream

2 T sugar

1 T vanilla

        1. put in (preferably cold) mixing bowl and beat on medium-high until it stiffens up to the consistency you want

…..that’s it! literally. And you don’t even need the sugar, if you’re not into that! But seriously guys…if you use organic whipping cream, vanilla, and maybe agave instead of sugar, and you have yourself a pretty healthy treat! I’ll be back with a greek yogurt version soon- even better 🙂


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