eats and exercise.

the past days have been filled with heat, eats, and a good dose of exercise. I can’t believe how hot it’s gotten here! 90+ every day, EW. but, I can’t complain- I’d rather be in 90 degree heat than 10 degree freezing cold!

so anyway, here’s a summary of some eats and workouts from the past few days- a little healthy inspiration!



^light summer breakfasts of cereal, granola, almond milk, and some kind of fruit. I like to keep it fresh and fruity on these hot summer mornings and these bowls hit the spot^


^lunch has been salads/veggie bowls depending on the mood- these pictures include spaghetti squash, kale, veggie meatballs, bell peppers, topped with bruschetta and hummus. a yummy and lighter meal^


^snackin’ on hummus on veggies, you can never go wrong!^


^you can never go wrong with frozen yogurt! this is a healthier version I made using Chobani raspberry nonfat yogurt. I just stuck it in the freezer for ~1 hour, then topped with some trail mix. yum yum yummy!^


^dinner- pretty similar to lunch. asparagus, kale, spaghetti squash, veggie burger, and bruschetta^

img_1261 img_1263

^and a dessert treat! Black Bean brownies, yummmmmmmmmm and guilt free^


Saturday I kept it simple with a morning run, some weights at home, and yoga while watching a movie.


^post run. even though it was 7 am it was already sizzling outside^

Sunday was more intense- I did arms and abs (aka planks and core work) in the morning. Then a bike/elliptical/run combo at the gym in the afternoon! I know working out outside is better for my training (as far as running) but it just feels so good to be in the air conditioning sometimes!


^post workout fueling (hummus and veggies) with a good side of goofiness^

      img_1243    img_1255

^and last but not least, some inspiration. on the left is a canvas I painted over the weekend (this picture is of the unfinished project, I edited it some!) and on the right, a good reminder for a Monday morning :)^


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