a mini vacation.

For the past few days, my sister, mom, and I have been in Baltimore visiting my aunt and uncle (mom’s sister). It was a perfect little vacation from Long Island and everyday life.

we headed down on Friday. Our drive normally takes about 5 hours (or less if we really cruise through) but since we weren’t in any rush, we took our time and stopped for some shopping and some lunch along the way. So instead of 5 hours it took us about 7..but that was totally worth it!

IMG_1171 IMG_1165    img_1182

^ this is the gorgeous view of Baltimore Inner Harbor from my aunt’s apartment. plus a little tourist pirate ship that cruises by ^

Friday night we went over to my ‘Grandma’ Vivi’s (she’s my uncle’s mom so not technically related but..she embraces us into her home as if we were her own grandchildren. It’s really nice for me, especially since my grandparents aren’t around anymore). She’s 85 and quite the character. Whenever we do something together she says “Viv and Liv on another adventure!” Precious. So we had a scrumptious dinner at her house before heading back to the apartment and crashing for the night.

Saturday morning started early with some coffee and a beautiful view of the harbor.

img_1173 img_1197 img_1170

^We finally headed out for ‘breakfast’ around 12 {I was pretty hangry by this time} at Sorso’s, a cute little cafe. I devoured this egg white, pepper, onion, and spinach bagel in about 5 minutes and it was mmmm perfect.^

My poor aunt had to stay at home and work on her homework- for her Master’s program. Even without her, our walk around the harbor was lovely, albeit extremely hot.


^Tom Clancy’s apartment- the entire top floor of the Ritz Carlton Residences!^


^baby ducklings following their mama’s!^


^the Promenade along the inner harbor, so gorgeous^

We then headed over to the American Visionary Art Museum, always a favorite when we visit Baltimore.

img_1183 img_1191

^awesome outdoor features of the museum^


^The BraBall made by artist Emily Duffy telling the story of woman and their struggles/triumphs through the bras they sent her^


^a little house…I think I could live here one day.^

Saturday night we headed to Blue Hill Tavern, a lovely American (I would call it more modern American) restaurant.


They did have a ‘Mushroom Wellington’ but I’m not a huge mushroom person. I feel like every restaurant has some ‘portobello burger’ or mushroom-based dish that should be suitable for all vegetarians/vegans.. I think that is totally outdated and restaurants should get with it and offer more vegan-friendly options…hopefully soon!


^I ended up with a chopped salad and a side of asparagus. Simple, and great. Although I ended up snacking later because it wasn’t a very filling dinner.^


I started Sunday with a sweaty workout (60 minutes ellipti-cizing). It felt good to get going bright and early.


^to continue the healthy morning, we headed over the Baltimore Farmer’s Market. We all got some juice, yum!^

IMG_1202 IMG_1203 img_1207 img_1204 img_1201IMG_1209fo

^lots of scenes from the Farmer’s Market- it was bustling!^

after some rain, we headed out for another little walk.

IMG_1176 IMG_1178

^spectacular views, just the usual ;)^


^the last sunset of our vacation^

Happy Humpday!


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