a weekend for the books- part 2.

       On Saturday the boy and I headed into NYC for some fun! He hadn’t visited my amazing city since middle school, so I was excited to show him around.

After a train ride into Penn Station, and a subway ride downtown- we stepped into Chinatown. A NYC classic.

 DSCN0458 dscn0457

^ waiting for the subway like fools ^

Unfortunately, he wasn’t too interested in shopping, so we headed from there over to Little Italy.



We grabbed some double espresso (for me) and a tea (for him). He’s not nearly as addicted to caffeine as I am!


^Just a cute find on the streets of Little Italy ^

Then a walk over to SoHo and down to Tribeca. I wanted to show him everything! And SoHo is one of my favorite areas of the city. By the time we wandered into Tribeca, we were getting pretty grumbly for lunch.

 IMG_1102 2

We went to Kitchenette Restaurant and could not have been more satisfied with our meals! For Nate it was a bacon, egg, and cheese on a biscuit with grits on the side. So southern- which is ironic considering we go to school in South Carolina and he never eats southern food there!

For me, it was an egg white omelet with spinach and tomatoes, served on a whole wheat honey english muffin with a salad. Yum! I definitely recommend Kitchenette to anyone in the area- tourists or locals!


After our lunchtime fun, we headed over to the World Trade Center Memorial and Museum. I was really looking forward to seeing this, because I haven’t been before, and it is such an important memorial for our great city and the people who live there. The memorial itself requires reservations beforehand (if you want to ensure getting in), but the actual entrance doesn’t cost anything (only a suggested donation for those who would like to help).


^ an aerial view of the memorial taken from the WTC Museum and Memorial website ^


^the memorial fountains inside (there are two) were truly breathtaking. I was surprised but glad to see how the mood changed from hustle and bustle on the streets to somber and respectful inside. It was really moving to be at the memorial and I am glad that we went. ^


^from the memorial you can see the building of the various World Trade Centers. Of this, the Freedom Tower (aka One World Trade Center) is the most famous- when it’s completed it will be America’s tallest building- and a symbol of New York’s strength and resilience. ^

After our somber moment, we wandered through the streets, making a stop at St. Paul’s Chapel (Manhattan’s oldest building in continual use!)


and passed a street protest about the political regime in Turkey. (read more here).


then a quick subway alllllll the way uptown for some juice and some Central Park-ing.


^ cute little guy chillin’ on the streets ^

before we knew it, our relaxing time in Central Park had flown by, and it was time to get dinner before heading to see our show! We wandered down into Hell’s Kitchen and found and adorable little italian place- 44 & X.


^ we started with some roasted peppers on garlic bread (so good)

img_1114 img_1115

^ for the main course, the boy had pasta with ‘spicy marinara’ and I went for the ‘stuffed eggplant’ with apples, raisins and cornbread inside. It was unique and delicious! Plus roasted veggies on the side are always a plus. ^

then we headed back to the Theater District to see Once the musical. It was cute and quirky with some really great music! Then a late train ride back home….


^for the end to a perfect day in nyc!^

it was a great weekend and I’m glad the boy got to see the highlights of manhattan!

do you have some favorite NYC activities?


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