my review of Tone It Up!

I recently purchased the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan. As a fitness junkie, and a healthy eater, I am always interested in ways to improve my diet and my life. Before I bought the plan, I was a little unsure…so I’m going to share my thoughts with all of you and hopefully help you make a decision!

tone-it-up-nutrition-plan-program-review tiu-tone-it-up-nutrition-program-toneitup-nutrition-plan

First things first– I love the plan. It’s straightforward, simple, and provides you with all the tools you need to change your diet, and eat for a fat-burning, fast metabolism!

Things I love:

  • the plan provides over 100 recipes for you, which are really helpful when you’re first starting
  • a meal-by-meal guide is also included so you can create your own based on the template
  • the diet is not restrictive- you eat carbs, fats, proteins- everything! it’s based on ratios/times of day to eat different things
  • the Tone It Up Online Community is a great, supportive network of women who encourage and help each other through every day!
  • with the purchase, you get ALL updates to the plan, plus weekly emails from Karena and Katrina themselves to give you special recipes, tips, and encouragement

Things that I don’t love:

  • the $150 price tag… I know this seems like a lot and can be a turn off for people… but I promise it is really worth it!!!!
  • that’s it!

My experience with it…

IMG_1065 IMG_1071

After I purchased the plan (on a Friday), I took a weekend to plan for the week ahead, and to accustom myself with the nutrition plan. On Monday morning, I began my TIU journey and it actually came a lot more easily than I expected! The first few days I was really hungry, but just upping my lean protein intake a bit, I was able to stick to the plan and be energized and satisfied! After only two weeks on the plan I feel like I have it down pat and the system is really great.

I would recommend this plan to people who need a big change in their lives, or people who are just looking for a challenge to tone up, or clean up their diets!

Feel free to email me (livi (.) tant (@) or to leave a comment below.

Do you love Tone It Up? What’s another fitness program you’re loving right now?


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