Summer always makes me reflective… especially on family. Summer is the time when you spend the entire day with your siblings. When you make up weird games to pass the days. When you can go to the beach 5 days in a row and not get bored. These summer days are all about family.

My favorite part of being home is the complete ease and comfortable feeling. I’m at my prime (aka my weirdest) around my family because well, they already know my quirks, so I let them fly in all their glory. These are some pictures that I love of our family time over the years..


real throwback.. my dad reading to us while I’m no doubt up to something devious..

  164895_10150365049510604_791160603_16775300_4368565_n  294445_10150881490970604_791160603_21885913_626501853_n

My sister (in the left picture) and my twin brother (in the right picture). They are some of my best friends in the world, and we wouldn’t be the same people without each other. Growing up we moved around a lot, so we often relied on each other. My sister (22 months older than me) was always a great person for me to look up to, and I definitely annoyed her with all my attempts to be just like her! My twin brother is the best guy I know, with a wonderful heart and a kind spirit. Even though he lives 23 hours away from me now, being twins is a bond that can’t be broken. We were also in the same class from preK through 6th grade (which was still elementary school) and even though we didn’t hang out all the time, it was reassuring for me to know that my “older brother” (by 24 minutes!) was always close by when I needed a talk, or a hug!


And lastly, a picture of Thanksgiving that truly captures our odd and lovely nature. I love that my brother is holding his ukelele…just emphasizes the wonderful weirdness that makes us a family.

So, this summer I hope I can enjoy every minute of family time! Some final thoughts:

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What do you love most about your family?


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