A few weeks ago, a friend suggested starting a blog. At first I didn’t really consider it. I mean, what would I have to blog about? But as I thought and reflected more, I realized that there were so SO many reasons to write a blog. And the more I explored the idea, the more excited I became. Why? Because I realized that I do have something to blog about. I have lots to share, to blog about, to put out there. And it’s not necessarily anything special. It’s my ordinary every day life.

I plan to focus my blog on some of the most important aspects of me- living healthy, staying fit, being sustainable, and enjoying every minute of life as fully as I can!

So here is my little niche, corner, nook of the internet. A place where I plan to share my life. Not every aspect, but the important things, the interesting things, the things that matter to me. Mostly, I want to share my experience living, loving, and learning with all of you.

Come be entertained by the messing, wonderful journey of my life!


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